Ministry’s New Video Is the Ying to Insomnium’s New Video Yang

This week two videos premiered that are of interest to me for various reasons. First up we have Ministry with the first single and video from the upcoming Relapse album. First of all I’d like to say that the only reason I have any interest in Ministry is from the one album I own in Psalm 69. And that was because I was dying for something heavy at the time. Industrial metal of this type is catchy but repetitive as hell and not exactly brain food. Al Jourgensen thinks it is and we fast forward to today and you have a song that teaches you how to count and is geared to be shown on a big screen at your nearest Occupy a Park rally. The video is just about as lazy as the song is. Observe.

Now we move to Insomnium who ended up almost topping my best of 2011 list. While the video for the track ‘Regain the Fire’ isn’t exactly mindblowing it does make you pay attention and think a bit of what’s happening. Plus it has a unique camera effect on the band. And Insomnium is awesome. So there is that. Enjoy.


3 responses to “Ministry’s New Video Is the Ying to Insomnium’s New Video Yang

  1. The Ministry video immediately reminded me, aesthetically and musically, of a Subway $5 Footlong commercial.

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