Bloodguard Has Some Big News

Anybody who has frequented Heavy Blog Is Heavy,The late great Number of the Blog, and of course No Clean Singing should be familiar with the name Andy Synn. Andy is not only an intelligent,opinionated, and informed commenter and blogger but is also the frontman for U.K. band Bloodguard. Now that last revelation is new to me though I knew he referenced his band on a few occasions. I just never knew what band he was a part of. Well Bloodguard has some big news to get out there which is threefold. First up is that the band’s first album is entitled ‘Patterns in the Infinite’. And the track listing is as follows.

1. Eye Of The Paradox
2. Vanguard
3. Footsteps (Of The Dead)
4. Our Lady Of The Flood
5. Black Math Ritual
6. Panopticon
7. Final Prayer
8. Bridgeburner

But the kicker to all of this is that it’s full of guest appearances from folks in a number of well respected projects.I’ll let Andy speak about this second part.

“Vanguard” features the vocal talents of one Arthur Von Nagel, vocalist and bassist of Cormorant. Arthur actually stepped in at the last minute to replace another guest who was unable to participate this time around – but this in no way diminishes his contribution. In fact considering the tight time frame, it was conceivable that this collaboration would never happen. The fact that it did (and has turned out so fan-fucking-tastically) is a real testament to his willingness and commitment. The song in question, with its themes of brotherhood and sacrifice, was crying out for some collaborative vocals and stepping up to the plate, seemingly from out of nowhere, Arthur has helped to deliver an absolute monster of a track.

“Footsteps (Of The Dead)” has been suitably ruined and brutalised by the twin vocal talents of Michiel Dekker and Ivo Hilgenkamp of The Monolith Deathcult. I’ve been chatting to Michiel on and off for a while now, and with “Footsteps…” being the heaviest and most brutal track on the album, it seemed only right to have these maniacs come onboard and vomit some proper death metal nastiness all over it. The two trade-off some truly sickening vocals, with each other and with our own Andy Synn, in this crushing song about the inevitability and futility of war.

Remember back when we toured with Becoming The Archetype? Well just before our Nottingham date we dragged BTA mastermind Seth Hecox into the studio, with no real plan except to sit him down and pick his brains for ideas. The result of this collaboration was some truly weird sci-fi keyboards and effects which have been spread throughout “Black Math Ritual”, adding strange new angles to the song’s megaton grooves and technical guitars. Best of all this was a truly spontaneous collaboration, Seth really getting into the feel and style of the song whist adding his own unique take on things.

Last, but by no means least, the mighty Demonstealer from India’s Demonic Resurrection helps us tear the house down on the album’s final track, the blackened, blasting assault of “Bridgeburner”. Actually the last guest to be contacted, he was also the first to get his parts recorded and sent back to us, which shouldn’t have been surprising considering his well-known and prodigious work ethic. His harsh screams and demonic growls meld perfectly with Andy’s own venomous rasp, making the track twice as devastating as it was before.

We can’t thank our collaborators enough for their efforts and input. We respect and admire each of them massively and couldn’t be more honoured by their presence on the album. Not only does it allow our fans to get exposure to these bands and artists who are huge influences on us, but it means that our own songs can be experienced in a fresh and different way, by both our audience and by us as a band. It really is hugely rewarding hearing our lyrics and songs in the new light cast by these guest players

That is pretty kick ass. I’ve spoken about Demonic Resurrection here a long time ago. I even had Demonstealer e-mail me in thanks and sent me an updated promo pic. So that in itself is cool in relation to TDM, but look at the other bands, huh? And for the last bit of news we get to hear samplers from the new album and I’m actually stoked ot hear thi sin full. You’ve got a bit of prog, tech death and melodeath from what little I can hear so this should be pretty cool.

If you too are intrigued go over to their Facebook page and give Andy and the guys some love eh?


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