This Kid's Mother Needs a Wake Up Call. Dude Has Some Talent.

The video I’m about to show you was actually put up by my bud Alkahest from HBIH on his Facebook page. Let me give you the ground work first on this. It’s a short video clip of a kid who appears to be attempting to do one of those online Youtube vids of someone showing off some guitar skills or maybe even a tutorial of sorts. His mom then busts into his room in the back and starts ripping into him about him, his music, and his friends.

Now normally this type of interaction with parents of teen kids is not that uncommon. For as long as there has been humans in the world parents have had kids that they wanted to be better then them by having drive and ambition to succeed. Some parents have horrible skills in conveying that message though mainly due to a narrow vision of the world. As a father of soon to be two teen boys I can relate on a certain level to this woman’s frustration. But as a metal fan who works with computers in this tech age, she is also so missing the mark on what is really going on here. Let me expand further with a surprise ending after the jump.

So dude named Mike is sitting there making a Youtube video I’m assuming about his rig and what it does when mom busts in right off the bat to ask what he’s actually doing to contribute to society by sitting in his dark room strumming on that guitar all day every day. Apparently he had just come back from vacation and her tirade is on the more tame side from previous nag sessions. Now to compare this situation with my own I can answer that question for him, ma’am. He’s found a creative outlet that he enjoys as he struggles being a teenager in an apparent oppressive household. I would like to think my own household is nowhere near as oppressive as this but I do know my kid sits in his room all day with very little human contact screwing around on Youtube, or Steam or some half baked online game. My son contributes nothing to society right now (because he’s only 14) and actually his grades are suffering immensely due to apathy with everything but what is on his screen. If my kid showed even the slightest interest in doing anything productive with his time like yours does I’d cut him some sort of break. Let’s continue.

She then proceeds to tell him he has a worthless life in her opinion with no means to socialize with the outside world because apparently mom firmly knows how to be social and interact with other people.You’ve got it good lady. Because as we find out he does have friends that you proceed to bag on as well. Apparently she listens to country music because she tries to insert a scenario that if she blasted that music in his room and just sat in there he would think she was useless. No….because the difference there is your son is creating music not just sitting there listening to it like a brain dead vegetable. The problem is she doesn’t like his music and that dislike is clouding the vision of being supportive in any way.

I struggle all the time to even get my kid to find an interest even if it’s tied into the computer. And once he finally does I will support him. Maybe she needs to see this video in order to get an idea of why he’s in his room all the time because if I had to listen to that day in and day out I’d shut the outside world off too. Conveying her misery for her own failures to her son isn’t helping. He has goals and is actually pretty damn good at what he does.

Because Mike it appears actually has a band that plays brutal death metal called Logistic Slaughter. Gee….I wonder why he decided to listen to death metal. But anyway, check out their Facebook page. You can also check out their stuff on Bandcamp.

I think my biggest problem with Mike’s mom is she reminds me of mine when I was that age. The incessant nagging the older I got to go out and get a job without any support over any interests I had at the time was nonstop. Questioning my spending habits, nagging at me to save my money. It was to the point that it took 10 years for me to really find a career path. Props to him for not flying off the handle and I hope he continues doing what he loves to do. His mom actually doesn’t know how good she has it in this day and age of technology. This isn’t the days of kicking your kid outside to go and play because there was nothing else to do in the world. Not to mention the fact that she’s also damn lucky he’s not hanging with a bunch of alcoholic or drug dependent people his age. Then what would she have to say? “Oh I wish you’d stay home instead of going to get high”. Wake up ma’am and get off the kid’s back. Because if you’d give him some space he deserves and shut up for a minute you might actually find something to be proud of. Try looking at the videos he has made like this one.

Or this. Keep in mind apparently at some point his parents locked up his electric gear as punishment for 6 months.

For now hit up those two sites I linked and show some support for Mike’s project. Also if you comment on that Youtube video try and make it supportive of him. As much as it’s easy to knee jerk and hate on his mom, wishing her dead or calling her a cunt is not helping matters at all so try and avoid bashing her. She’s much more clueless then he is though she thinks otherwise. It’s not worth the keyboard tough guy hatred, know what I mean?


8 responses to “This Kid's Mother Needs a Wake Up Call. Dude Has Some Talent.

      • Definitely wasn’t. I know the dude personally, his mom is a cunt. He still doesn’t have any of his electrics, she took them all away, but left his amp and cab in the room so he can sit there staring at them wishing he could play.

  1. He is 100,000 times better than I could ever be on guitar. I would think she would want to encourage his creativity.

  2. It disgustingly shocking to see this woman not recognize her sons talent and dedication to the instrument. All children should be encouraged to focus on one discipline or another, and her son chose music. A wise choice. Music helps kids develop math and linguistic skills. I just feel like slapping her with my guitar strap till she’s red in the face. C U Next Tuesday!

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