Time To Get Excited. Agalloch Announces 'Faustian Echoes' EP Is Coming.

It’s been awhile since I’ve spoken about Agalloch. Over a year to be exact. The blackened doom/folk band from Portland Oregon was making big waves in 2010 and is kind of common for bands of this nature, to prep for a big release later on the guys just announced on their Facebook page of an impending EP entitled ‘Faustian Echoes’ that they just completed. Here is the particulars so far.

Agalloch have completed the recording of their forthcoming EP entitled “Faustian Echoes”. With acclaimed engineer Billy Anderson at the helm, the band recorded a 20 minute long conceptual and colossal track live onto two-inch tape. The recording took place at Jackpot Studio in Portland, Oregon during March 24th-25th. A release date has yet to be set, but we will keep you all updated through our official Facebook page. This EP will appear on both LP and CD. We have made a photo album of photos taken by Veleda Thorsson of this session.

The above banner pic is one of those photos mentioned. I’m a sucker for long conceptual songs broken up in parts. Swallow the Sun did the same years ago for ‘Plague of Butterflies’. Agalloch is awesome and of course when I get official release dates and covert art etc. I’ll pass it on.


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