Help Soundstation Comp Now Available For Pre-Order

Since it seems to me that TDM is for a bit of the older crowd, then this is surely a story that will hit home with you guys more so than the newer generation. I originally posted about the demise of Westfield, NJ’s iconic record store, Sound Station on Metal Injection in January when it originally happened. The store’s owner Bob Larsen and his family ran the store from 1988 until the fire caused the store to be shut down on January 22nd of this year. After all of this had happened an online campaign to help the store rebuild and help piece the lives of it’s owners back together was set into place and it was here, that over $16,000 was raised after it’s original goal of $5,000 was more than doubled in a matter of 3 days.

With all of this outpouring of support coming to it’s inevitable climax, a compilation of local bands is coming together to continue raising money for the store so that it may eventually re-open it’s doors in the near future in a new location. The compilation is for sale at this address, and even if you aren’t from the area, namely central NJ, some of you may remember what it was like to shop at a local record store and how they help the next generation appreciate music as a whole. Here is a taste of what you will hear on the comp:

Go out and pick this up as it is $10 well spent for a great cause. I hope some of you will make it out to The Crossroads in Garwood,NJ for the Record Store Day show, it should be a blast.

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