Gateway To Hell – Entombed

It’s been almost two months since I introduced this new column or whatever you want to call it and I have yet to add another band to it. I can be quite inconsistent with my specific articles sometimes, so I was sitting here with nothing to do and started to think of the next band that I would feature in my Gateway To Hell. I started brainstorming and the next band that came to mid was AC/DC…and then Black Sabbath and I had to ask myself if this was the direction that I wanted to take this column. Do you really want to hear about the same old bands that every other metal head that grew up in the 80’s started listening to before they got into much heavier music? Yeah, me neither. Sure that is fun at a backyard BBQ over a few beers with fellow metalheads, but how much could I seriously write about AC/DC and Black Sabbath that hasn’t already been written. So, I decided to fast-forward a bit.

It was 1992 or 1993. I was at a friends house watching an episode of  Beavis and Butthead. Back then I lived in the sticks and my family probably couldn’t have afforded cable anyway. Anyway, so I’m watching this episode when Entombed’s Wolverine Blues comes on Beavis and Butthead’s tv. I totally tune out what they are saying and start watching the video and wanting to hear more. Over the next couple of weeks I saw ads for the album in Metal Edge and Circus magazine. I decide that the next time I went to the local record store, which happened to be an hour away, I would see if they had the album.

One day co-worker gives me $20 and asks me to pick him up two CD’s from the record store next time I’m there. I can’t remember what they both were but I know that one was Danzig’s Thrall: Demonsweatlive because “Mother ’93” was very popular at the time. So I took his twenty bucks and about a week later I headed to “Over the Rainbow”, a little downtown record store that had a great, yet small selection of some great metal. I get there and quickly find the two albums he wanted and continue to look around, finding Entombed – Wolverine Blues. I didn’t have much of my own cash, so I put back one of the CDs and use his money to pay for Wolverine Blues and his other CD. I had to have it. I simply told him that they didn’t have it and I asked the store owner to order it. I would later end up picking it up for him with my own cash.

So, I get in the car, connect my portable Sony CD player (you know the big ones that used an assload of batteries back in the day) to my car cassette deck via the cool, high-tech cassette adapter and press play. What came next was a sonic assault of classic Entombed Death N’ Roll. I didn’t immediately fast forward to the single that turned me onto the band, but listened through the opening Eye Master and Rotten Soil. Track three was my jam, dawg! Something about that opening guitar on the title track is just unsettling heavy and catchy. I would later find out that this wasn’t how the band used to sound like, though it was the sound I liked.

Entombed’s previous two albums were more typical of the Swedish Death metal sound back then. Wolvering Blues slowed things down, cleaned things up a hair and the term Death And Roll was coined somewhere in there. Over the years I have kind of lost interest in the band, but they are still one of my early influences into death metal and I still enjoy Wolverine Blues to no end. Entombed weren’t the first heavy band that I discovered through Beavis and Butthead, but I’ll have more of that in later editions of Gateway To Hell. Until then, enjoy you some Wolverine Blues.


One response to “Gateway To Hell – Entombed

  1. Isn’t it funny how these little moments that seem so insignificant at the time, end up playing such a huge role in shaping your musical direction for the rest of your life? I enjoyed reading this, because I could totally relate…

    I have a bunch of memories like this too – first time I ever saw or heard a particular song or band or album cover or video, and it’s strange how many tiny details you remember, related to that moment.

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