Off the Radar : The Man Eating Tree,Avenger and More

Each week from now on I’m going to quickly give a rundown on some bands that I’ve been listening to that you have more than likely not heard of, or heard little of. Check them out and if you like em, buy their albums!

First off is “The Man-Eating Tree” from Finland. They were formed a few years ago by Vesa Ranta who used to be in Sentenced. I personally would describe them as a “rockier’ version of Type O Negative, check them out:

Next up is Avenger. I heard their album Bohemian Dark Metal and it smokes! A really good Black Metal band from the Czech Republic. This track Vitriol is from their previous album “Feast of Anger, Joy of Despair”.

If you are into Melodic Death Metal ala Amon Amarth or old-school In Flames, then you will definitely be into Exuviated. I am utterly shocked that these guys’s latest “Morpheus Orphan” hasn’t gotten the hype it deserves.

Revel in Flesh are a really good old school death metal band from Finland that recently released “Deathevokation”.

Woods of Ypres is probably known if only for the unfortunate reason that main main David Gold recently passed away in a car accident. If you haven’t heard these guys, check out the below video and get their latest “Woods V”, they are a unique combo of Type O Negative with some Black Metal and Doom influences thrown in:

Despise You are a Power Violence band that’s been around for a while. Their most recent album “And On and On…” was a split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed and was one of my favorite albums of last year.

I will put up more next week.


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