Off the Radar: Hung,Mares of Thrace, Obolus, and More

This my second post on band’s that I feel deserve way more attention then they’ve been getting. If you know of any bands you think I should feature, email me at and I will check them out.

First up is San Francisco’s Vastum, a band who play’s some good old fashioned Death Metal. Their album “Carnal Law” has been out for about a year now and deserves a listen or two. You can check the album out on Bandcamp at

Next up is Ram-Zet who recently released the absolutely amazing album “Freaks in Wonderland” which is kind of like a cross between Therion and Iwrestledabearonce. This is the type of stuff that you will either love or hate-I love it!

Next up is Hung featuring violinist Lyris Hung. They are an interesting mix of death and progressive music with a touch of black metal thrown in for good measure. They will release their debut album “Hung” May 8th on Chris Adler’s (Lamb of God) ReThink records.

Obolus is an atmospheric Black Metal band who are releasing “Lament” shortly. Their record label The Flenser recently put the album up as a free download on bandcamp to promote the physical release, but stated that they will no longer make it available for free once the album releases. Check it out here:

Last up for the week is the Canadian band “Mares of Thrace” which consists of Therese Lanz and Stefani MacKichan. These girls are not just pretty faces and play some heavy noise.


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