Biker Metal

If you couldn’t tell by my screen name, I am a “motorcycle enthusiast” or a biker, as some call us.  I have been riding for well over 20 years now and currently have a 2009 HD Road King.  That’s a photo of my bike to the left.  Although I have been riding for many years, I have been a fan of metal for even longer.  I have always thought that the two things go hand in hand.  I mean, bikes are mostly metal, right?  If they are designed correctly, bikes can be quite loud too – something most of us love.  Motorcycles represent freedom as does this style of music.  Metal is all about freedom of expression and non-conformity.  I admit I have to conform to a lot in my life, but I realize I am and do it because it pays the bills.  Even while riding, I have to conform to laws – wearing a helmet for instance.  There are, however, parts of my life during which I enjoy doing what I want to do, and my choice of music is probably the biggest one.  Most bands I listen to are ones that most of the people I work with or even know, have never heard, let alone ever heard of.  They usually just don’t get it.  I am OK with that, because fellow metalheads do get it!

On one particular message board I frequent, there are often disparaging remarks about “biker metal.”  The board’s main topic is Manowar, and surprisingly there is a divide between those who enjoy the biker focused lyrics and those who think otherwise.  I for one, do like them and I get it, because I am a biker.  I think some who don’t like the lyrics, don’t understand.  I am also OK with that.

There are other bands out there who have that image and use motorcycle imagery in their lyrics.  I even set up a playlist call “Biker Metal” on my mp3 player.  Dorky?  Yes, but that’s me.  Some of my favorite “biker metal” songs are:

Manowar – Warlord, Death Tone, Return of the Warlord

Overkill – Wheelz

Testament – Henchmen Ride

Judas Priest – Leather Rebel

Saxon – Big Twin Rolling

Twisted Sister – Ride to Live, Live to Ride

Strapping Young Lad – We Ride

What are some of your favorite “biker” tunes?

I hear the sound in a METAL way.



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