SepticFlesh Apparently Left Season of Mist And Signed With Prosthetic Records

Well this is an interesting turn of developments. Apparently my number one band of 2011 left Season of Mist after a fantastic album cycle with the Great Mass and have now signed a deal with Prosthetic Records. I guess the U.S. market was not being tapped well enough by the folks at SOM if you catch what the band had to say about the move.

We are very excited to have signed a new North American deal with Prosthetic Records; we feel we have made the right choice with a label that could give us the right attention for the American market, we plan on striking hard with our next album!

Well good for them. No matter what label these guys sign to they most assuredly going to end up on my anticpated list for the year. It’s going to be hard for them to top The Great Mass or even Communion but at this point there is no real reason to. Just don’t get all avant garde and wierd and I’m good with it.


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