Devil's Review: Demon Hunter – True Defiance

I am going to start off this review with the admission that I am not much of a “metalcore” fan.  Very few of the “core” bands really appeal to me.  I find their music to be far too simplistic, repetitive and too similar to all the other core bands – very few of them really stand out.  I occasionally will listen to a metalcore band, but tend to limit my consumption to Lamb of God, Sevendust, or some limited selections from Trivium.  That’s about it, because they seem to bring something slightly different to the genre.  I volunteered to review Demon Hunter’s True Defiance with hopes it would be something different.


I was let down.  The music is usually very simplistic and lacks some creativity, particularly in the construct of the songs.  This is not to say there were no redeeming values of the music on True Defiance.  I liked the speedy parts of Crucifix.  I also enjoyed a couple of the nicely executed guitar solos (Resistance in particular), but they weren’t nearly enough of them.  The riffing mostly left me indifferent, lots of breakdowns, and I really wanted some of the songs to end quickly.  The drumming was fast and solid, but again, lacked much creativity.  The clean singing was not as strong as I like, actually kind of weak in places.  Admittedly the lyrical content is different from most bands, having an overtly Christian theme.  That is certainly different and sort of refreshing.  The cover art is also cool, but I am not going to sit and look at it – it’s the music that truly counts.

Where Demon Hunter truly lost me was what sounds like the use of a voice modulator in the second verse of the song Tomorrow Never Comes (an otherwise decent ballad) – something that would be used on a rap album or some kind of pop song, I suppose.  That should NEVER be used on a metal album.  NEVER.  I was a bit shocked and really disappointed that they did that.  With a name like Demon Hunter, I pretty much expected all out aggression – not that tripe.  There are really no memorable tracks, hooks, melodies, or choruses to be found on True Defiance.  The best song was probably Someone to Hate, but it isn’t one I am going to be listening to much at all in the future.

I keep trying to find some of the more “modern” bands that I like, but their sameness just gets old after a while…a short while.  As a consumer of a wide variety of metal, Demon Hunter did nothing but confirm my antipathy for the metalcore genre by not bringing anything new to the table and sounding like a thousand other bands out there.  There may be fans of Demon Hunter who think this is Album of the Year, but not in my book.  True Defiance didn’t seem to defy much of anything in the conventional metalcore world.

For my Christian metal, I will take these guys:

I hear the sound in a METAL way.



6 responses to “Devil's Review: Demon Hunter – True Defiance

  1. I would have to disagree, this is one of their best albums and they have incorporated some new things in their style. For example the vocals in My Destiny were pretty sweet and had some totally new elements to them. They had more of a slasher sound at times, which granted can be more of a metalcore or almost more like a black metal style. However I would hardly call Demon Hunter Metalcore, they are more of a thrashy heavy metal. I would have to agree the auto tune or whatever it was on the voice was a little odd, but honestly not enough to discount the rest of the album. Nothing about this album was the same as the last song either on this album or previous albums. This was a good album, and a great album for Demon Hunter even if it isn’t your style. Go back and listen to their early albums one by one all the way through until you reach True Defiance. There are plenty of Christian Metal bands out right now who are very good and display more talent and technicality in their music than most (but not all) secular mainstream metal. also i think you should read an this interview with Ryan Clark the lead singer about his opinion on the current state of metal.

  2. That’s cool. I respect your opinion. I just felt like I was listening to the same song after a while. It was a bit repetitive to me. It wasn’t terrible, just not my preferred style.

  3. I don’t find this review credible. You start off by saying you are not a fan of this genre. Then you proceed to say you didn’t like this cd. Well…..ok. I wouldn’t review a Garth Brooks CD, because I can already tell you I wont like it.

    • The thing is, I keep trying to find bands in this genre to like, but the music ends up sounding the same to me, over and over. It’s definitely metal and I did find some redeeming parts of the album, but after a while I have trouble distinguishing song to song. I was asked to review it, so I did.

    • I don’t find your opinion of the review credible. Basically because you didn’t really READ it. He’s not a fan of the genre because he keeps trying to find something to like. He hoped to find it with Demon Hunter and was disappointed. Make sense?

      All reviews must be favorable towards the bands we like. Every butthurt person’s number one rule.

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