Did You Go See Megadeth/Motorhead At The Aragon Ballroom? You Might Be A Father.

So, imagine you’re not an old fogy, married with children like most of us here at TDM. Now imagine you’re at a Motorhead/Megadeth concert and some attractive (or as attractive as your drinking dictates that evening) is all rubbing up on you. Yeah, I know, it’s usually never like this. Normally you’re just trying not to get unintentionally dry-humped by some other sweaty dude that’s just trying to enthusiastically enjoy the concert. So anyway, things start getting hot and heavy and you and this female find a bathroom stall that is fit enough to have sex in, cause you know venue bathrooms are the epitome of sanitation. Seems like a good night as a metal fan, right? Perhaps, unless this is real…


Originally posted over at Fuse.tv, a young woman posts an ad on Craigslist.org’s Missed Connections listing, looking for the ‘baby-daddy’ that knocked her up.

Did we hook up at the Megadeth/Motorhead concert? – w4m – 28 (Aragon Ballroom)

“Me: Blue hair, silver tube top, fishnets, Knee high black biker boots.
You: Red mohawk, black pentagram gauges, viper piercings.

I was grinding on you in the pit, then we went to the bathroom, and got f***ed up. You had a nice c**k and I was wasted so I let [you] raw dog it in the stall. You were really good and you had to gag me so I would make too much noise.

Anyway I’m pregnant. It’s yours. contact me if you want to be part of your child’s life.”

So, since then, this as had been flagged. Perhaps it was a joke, maybe not. Either way, just the thought is very entertaining to say the least, but just imagine your parents telling you when you’re old enough that you were conceived at a Motorhead/Megadeth concert…in a bathroom stall…completely out of drunken lust. Might be a bittersweet moment, but it would be an awesome story to tell your friends.


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