Past Demons: Annihilator – Alice In Hell

Annihilator has a laundry list of past members longer than most bands. Regardless (or irregardless as irretarded people say) the foundation of the band is and always has been Jeff Waters since 1984. I’ve always loved the way that Jeff shreds, but the inconsistency of the band, in my opinion, has always been their downfall. Their 2010 release was solid, except for one thing; I hated the vocals. This is the problem I find when trying to listen any album after Alice In Hell. When you change singers every two years, it really can throw a fan off. Just when we start getting warmed up to the new guy, here comes an even newer guy. Annihilator’s debut, Alice In Hell has always been my favorite and it’s honestly the only album I listen to. Every song on that album, from the acoustic intro to Human Insecticide, is a hit full of sheer energy and speed. If Jeff could have created a more consistent line-up, perhaps Annihilator would be a bigger band than they are today. Here is the classic title track from the album.

So, I’m really going to try to make this a regular Monday feature. I know i track records for consistency kinda sucks, but I figured I’d (maybe even we) will be able to keep up with this one.


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