Devil’s Spotlight: SEQUESTER

It amazes me what you can find in the weirdest of places. Listening to internet radio the other day, I came across this “band” Sequester. I say it like that because when you hear the music, you think you are listening to just that, a band. But you are not. You are actually listening to one individual who plays all the instruments himself and also does the vocals.

Sequester is a Canadian metal band created by Ryan Boc in 2005. Boc, born April 2, 1987 in London, Ontario, Canada,  remains the sole member, writing and performing all of the music thus far. The music draws inspiration from various styles of metal, progressive and psychedelic rock. His inspiration also included traditional English and Scottish folk, grunge and alternative rock, blues, jazz, and classical. Boc’s lyrics mostly focus on fantasy literature, history, folklore and mythology, while generally being sung in a clean voice—often with thrashy, more aggressive overtones.

Boc’s influences range from Blind Guardian to Opeth, from Judas Priest to Iron Maiden, from Rush to Porcupine Tree and from Beethoven to Vivaldi and many many more.  Regarding Boc’s musical background he says,  “I had piano lessons from age three to eight. Played clarinet and alto sax throughout elementary and middle school. Started playing the guitar when I was thirteen, and had maybe a month of lessons. I haven’t had any proper vocal training yet. Now I’ve finished studying at the University of Victoria, obtaining a BSc degree with a joint major in music and comptuer science. For the music side of that program, I studied theory, ear training, composition, computer music and audio engineering.”

It’s not often you run across someone like Boc and his “band” Sequester.  His discography includes Visions of the Erlking (Demo) – 2007, Winter Shadows -2008, Nameless One (EP) – 2009, and Shaping Life and Soul – 2011. He is currently working on new material. You can check out Sequester at the official site and also listen to the last album ‘Shaping Life and Soul’ here.

Here are two of Sequester’s songs. From Shaping Life and Soul, “This Dark Passenger” and “Solace of Lies”…


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