Pulled from the Abyss Tuesday April 17

I’ve changed the name of “Off the Radars” to “Pulled from the Abyss” to fit more into the overall theme of the website. As usual, if you come across any unknown or lesser known bands that you think I should be aware of email me at offtheradars@gmail.com and I will check them out.

Starting off the column this week is Superchrist from Chicago who play metal a la Motorhead. Their album “Holy Shit” releases on May 22nd from Hell’s Headbangers. You can hear a stream of a couple of song’s at the Hell’s Headbanger’s Bandcamp:


Next up is Columbia’s Witchtrap who play some good old fashioned 80’s era thrash. They too are on Hell’s Headbanger’s and their album “Vengeance is My Name” also releases on May 22nd:

Vengeance Is My Name by WITCHTRAP

Russia’s Tantal are kind of like a cross between Arch Enemy and Killswitch Engage. They are working on a new album for release later this year, but in the meantime check out “Suicide” from their debut album “The Beginning of the End”:

France’s Hypno5e is an experimental metal band that released their latest album “Acid Mist Tomorrow” on Feb 24th via Klonosphere/Season of Mist. It’s hard to describe exactly what it’s like so check it out:

Maax’s “Unholy Rock and Roll” has been out for a while, but I had to include it as the band are a cool mix of early 80’s black metal. Kind of like a cross between Motorhead and Venom.

Last for today’s column is another female fronted Death Metal band called Nexhymn who play brutal death metal. Their debut EP is called Black Horizon and released on March 27th:


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