Free Metal: Heaven And Hell Records 2012 Sampler

It’s Friday. And what better way to begin your weekend by downloading free [legitimate] metal. Heaven & Hell Records, kind of a local label to me, is giving away 14 tracks from 14 bands on their label. Downloading samplers like this from a smaller, independent label is a great way to discover new bands. Download your HERE.

Heaven & Hell 2012 Sampler

  1. Core Device- Revelations
  2. Ancient Creation- Through Prophets Eyes
  3. The Reticent- Enemy
  4. Dogbane- God Forgive You
  5. Seventh Calling- Paid in Blood
  6. Hellrazor- The Soothsayer
  7. Blacksmith- A Taste of Darkness
  8. Overlorde S.R.- Enchantress of the Night
  9. Praetorius- Sin on Sin
  10. Ritual- Dark Star
  11. Witches Mart Ethereal
  12. Thunderstick- You Get Me in Pieces

Thanks to Clawhammer PR for the heads up.


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