Pulled from the Abyss: Eternal Helcaraxe, Thousand Year War and Others

I’ve got lots of goodies for today’s Pulled from the Abyss! Again, if you come across any unknown or lesser known bands that you would like to see mentioned here, shoot me an email at: offtheradars@gmail.com

Starting off the proceedings is Eternal Helcaraxe an Irish band who sound like a cross between Amon Amarth and black metal. Sounds strange right? Well, check it out when it releases on April 27th as it’s one of the best albums of 2012 so far!

Thousand Year War an Alaskan Death Metal band also similar to Amon Amarth have an album called “Tyrants and Men” out now that you need to check out:

Selfmadegod Records recently re-issued the sole full-length from Oakland Crust/Metal band Stormcrow. Check it out as it rips!

Belgian Black Metal band Enthroned recently released Obsidium. I never cared much for these guys in the past, but Obsidium is a HUGE step in the right direction:

Do you want some good old fashioned metal? Huntress has your back covered. Check out Eight of Swords and then check out the album when it releases!

5 responses to “Pulled from the Abyss: Eternal Helcaraxe, Thousand Year War and Others

  1. I love Thousand Year War, yet they (the only remaining member) announced that he will be taking the music into a different direction from the current Viking Metal theme.

    • Don’t worry guys…..its not straying to far off and everyones gonna fucking love it!! Vulture Eyes ep coming out late summer early fall on abyss records!

  2. That totally sucks. I really like the current album. Hopefully they either get even better or stay with the current theme.

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