The Steve Wilson and Mikael Akerfeldt Project, ‘Storm Corrosion’ release first video and single “Drag Ropes”

If you follow either Pocupine Tree, Steve Wilson’s solo projects or Opeth, you might be interested in Storm Corrosion, a project collaboration between Mikael Akerfeldt and Steve Wilson. Now if you expect this to sound anything like Opeth, especially Opeth of old, then you’re going to be severely disappointed. You may hear some elements that sound like signature Akerfeldt composition, but that’s about it. It’s proggy, just like everything that Wilson has done with Porcupine Tree and similar to what Opeth did with their latest album. So, get ready to sit back, relax and keep an open mind, because it’s very mellow. Oh, and enjoy. Storm Corrosion will be released in two weeks (May 8th) on Roadrunner records. You can Storm Corrosion yours here.


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