To All Of Those Associated With Great White. Please Call It A Day.

Why do these 80’s rock bands continue to do this kind of thing to themselves? Ratt has done it, L.A. Guns has done it and now you can add Great White to the list. I’m talking about the infighting that leads to multiple versions of a band. If you follow Blabbermouth you’re probably used to seeing the almost weekly update on the legal battle between Great White featuring three members of the classic lineup and Jack Russell’s Great White featuring…well..Jack Russell. And it’s come to such a head that all the gory details are put out in public in the guise of legal documents. Look, I’m not going to take sides in this. Too many people do especially if you read the comments and frankly no one unless you’re involved in it or know the members directly really should be taking any sides. I’m speaking purely as a fan when I say enough with this bullshit, save whatever dignity you have left, and call it a day.

Both of you.

Awhile back I did an A-Z on Great White and like all of those entries it’s a bit of reflection and opinion and an homage of sorts depending on my level of like for the band. And in that piece I referenced the feud between these two and also referenced the horrible fire that took so many lives at a Great White show. I got some facts wrong apparently. Great White disbanded before those events took place. The incarnation of Great White that played at the Station was under the moniker of Jack Russell’s Great White. Regardless, the name should have stayed disbanded. Here is why.

1. The band has been around for 35 years. Of that time there was only 5 years of real success. And it’s been over 20 years since then.
2. In the past twenty years 6 albums have been released in obscurity.
3. Drugs and alcohol and aging have effected this band like many of their peers. How many early deaths from this lifestyle does it take to get it in the head to clean up and do something else? The glory days are done.
4. Bands of this era and genre, whether any of the members egos want to acknowledge it or not, are identified by their singer. Millions of records were sold and though 90 percent of the fanbase moved on or stopped buying the product, when you bring up the band name the singer is who they identify with. Putting out a record with an unknown singer that no one is going to buy is ridiculous to me. On the same side of the coin putting out the same product with the identifiable singer who looks like a strung out homeless guy isn’t doing any favors either. People want legacy acts to remind them of their younger days. Not to be reminded that they’re aging too. Case in point and the video referenced in the lawsuit below.

And here is the current incarnation of Great White. It looks like a tribute band with members of the real thing.

So once again, as an aging fan who has grown up and become responsible, I’m hoping Great White packs it in….not for me but for themselves and their dignity.


2 responses to “To All Of Those Associated With Great White. Please Call It A Day.

  1. I thought they weren’t playing “Desert Moon” after the station fire incident?

    Is he really that out of a shape and messed up that he needs a fucking chair?

    Yeah, respect for this band is totally shot now…

  2. this was my favorite band , they were the best when they sounded like metal and hard rock , but now …. the last couple of albums ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz. either come back hard with the original sound once more like RATT did or Accept , Testement or just call it a day …. a sad day in my books.

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