Introducing Cripper With New Album News

I can’t for the life of me remember how I found out about Cripper. I scoured my usual haunts and came up empty. Regardless, I think I’ve found Hanover, Germany’s best kept secret. Or one of them anyways. What blew me away about this band was not just the well constructed mix of thrash ,groove, and a dash of death metal but the vocal talents of one Britta Görtz. If you’re used to Angela Gassow style vocals then you’ll really like Brittas. Well as it happens they are in the process of creating and releasing their third album ‘The Antagonist’. Here is the artwork.

After the jump is the track listing and a video that let’s the band’s music speak for itself.

01 New Shadow
02 Not Dead Yet
03 Animal Of Prey
04 Hegemony
05 Clean
06 General Routine
07 Totmann
08 Dogbite
09 Another Lesson In Pain
10 Damocles
11 God Spoken Prayer
12 Cocoon

Expect a release on June 22nd through SAOL.

Here is the band lineup in full

Britta “Elchkuh” Görtz – Vocals
Christian “Knitzel” Bröhenhorst – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jonathan Stenger – Guitars
Bastian Helwig – Bass Guitar
Dennis Weber – Drums
You can also found more on their Facebook page.


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