Red Lamb Release Video For ‘Puzzle Box’, Raising Autism Awareness

Autism is something that is not so much a mystery to the average person, but something that is only heard about, but not really understood. Autism comes in many different spectrums; some more severe than others. You’ll see from the video that Red Lamb has released that 1 in 88 children ( 1 out of 54) are effected by Autism. Those are VERY high odds, yet Autism study only receives less than 5% of research funding than many less common childhood diseases. With Autism being a rising epidemic, the world needs awareness and research to help solve the mystery and find out exactly what causes Autism and how it can be prevented and treated. Dan Spitz not only has one child that is Austistic, him and his wife have identical twins that are Autistic. It’s not an easy thing to deal with when you have one child; having two of them is double the stress and heartache. We all want our children to be born and grow up healthy. Nobody wants to believe that their child could possibly be autistic, but denial doesn’t help anything. For more information about Autism, visit




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