Pulled From The Abyss

First up for today’s “Pulled From The Abyss” is a fantastic band called Royal Thunder who will be releasing their debut full-length “CVI” on 22 May 2012. They have a bluesy Zeppelin-like sound that absolutely smokes!

Polish Grindcore masters Antigama will be releasing their new album “Stop the Chaos” on May 18 2012. This is seriously some of the best grindcore you will hear all year. The below video is from their album “Warning” and is only a taste of what you will experience on “Stop the Chaos”.

Next is Take The Earth Beneath us who’ve already released an EP and are about to release a couple of new songs. Similar in style to band’s like Killswitch Engage and Trivium, you can grab their EP for free here.

Sweden’s Usurpress are releasing their album “In Permanent Twilight” on May 1st on Selfmadegod Records. Check it out for some down and dirty death metal.

England’s Holodomor recently released the EP “Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre” which is full of some extra heavy underground thrash. This is not for the faint of heart.

And finally for those of you who may not have heard them: The Devil’s Blood recently released their album “The Thousandfold Epicenter” on Metalblade. They play excellent retro metal and will probably blow up to be huge soon.


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