Burnt Offerings: Burnt Offerings

Today is the debut of a new feature here called Burnt Offerings.  It is your weekly slice of Power Metal heaven, whether it’s a song, album, band, individual musician, tour, or something else.  My initial “offering” is the song Burnt Offerings (what else could it be for the debut?) by Iced Earth.

Burnt Offerings is the first time in Iced Earth’s history that we get to hear Matt Barlow and it is where the band truly made the complete transition to Power Metal from a more thrashy/NWOBHM sound.  The song features  a call-and-answer style vocal technique with Jon Schaffer as the rougher voice and Matt Barlow with his trademark clean baritone singing.  Iced Earth have better defined their sound and display a number of differing styles throughout the song, lightning quick guitar work and simply a nicely constructed tune.

Iced Earth had been through a couple of vocalists at this point, but Schaffer was unhappy with their performances.  In Matt Barlow, he found the singer he wanted and hired him on for good.  Granted, although Barlow eventually left IE, came back and left again, he essentially became the accepted voice of  the band.  For me, he was one of the best singers in the business and will always be the perfect vocalist for Iced Earth (although Stu Block is a very close second).

Here is the song Burnt Offerings from Iced Earth.

I hear the sound in a METAL way.



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