Beastie Boy MCA(Adam Yauch) Passes Away At Age 47

I hate bringing bad news like this. Adam Yauch who went by the moniker of MCA for the Beastie Boys passed away today after battling cancer. Hopefully anyone reading this will understand the significance of this in relation to hard rock or heavy metal and not just sit there and wonder why a rap group is featured on here. The Beastie Boys introduced rap and metal to the mass consciousness in the mid 80’s with their debut ‘License to Ill’. Full of nods to heavy rock it sampled Led Zeppelin and featured guest appearances by Slayer’s Kerry King(yes I know they were both on Def Jams at the time)to name a few items. Eventually the Beasties became world famous and interjected many other genres into their music but not bad for 3 guys from Brooklyn who started out as a punk group and decided to do the rap thing as a joke. I can’t see the Beasties carrying on with the passing of one of the more distinct members of the trio. MCA was the gruff member of the group to offset the shrieky craziness of Adrock and the more straight laced flow of Mike D. R.I.P Adam. you will never be forgotten. And in honor of MCA here is the video that I used to see all the time that features Kerry King of Slayer.


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