Burnt Offerings: Eric Adams

This is the second week for Burnt Offerings.  Today’s feature is singer Eric Adams from Manowar.  I have been a fan of Manowar since Into Glory Ride was released in 1983.  Eric Adams has been the only vocalist in Manowar’s history and is one of the most dynamic, powerful, and recognizable voices in Power Metal.  Even as he has aged (yes, we all age), he has maintained his voice and remains an outstanding singer.  The band has slowed down significantly in their musical output since their first six or seven albums, some believe depriving the metal world of a lot of vocal work by Adams.  I certainly would not be have been averse to a few more Manowar albums over the last 20 years.  I have discovered only a couple of recordings by him outside of Manowar and those are a duet with opera singer Sarah Brightman, Where Eagles Fly, and The Phantom of the Opera with band Holyhell.  He has shown himself to be a versatile singer, able to be gruff, smooth, and deliver quite a scream when needed.  He was, is, and always will be one of my favorite singers.

This is Where Eagles Fly.  Be prepared – it’s not very metal:


Here is the studio version of one of my all-time favorite Manowar songs, featuring some awesome screams by Adams – The Power:

I hear the sound in a METAL way.



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