School’s Out For Summer!

In the past nine months you may have noticed that I haven’t posted much on TDM. That was due to me being very busy with school, working on a degree so I can eventually get out of an occupation that I absolutely loath. Well, the semester ended yesterday and I will have a lot more free time on my hands for the next three months before college starts back up again in the fall. That means I’ll be spending a lot more time working on posts and some regular columns here. I’ll be shoveling in all sorts of fuel into Mr. Fusion and get The Devil’s Time Machine  back up and running as well as resurrecting the ‘Devil’s Advocate’. There are also a bunch of reviews that I have been sitting on that I really need to get to. So, until next time, enjoy Alice Cooper’s classic covered nicely by Gwar.


3 responses to “School’s Out For Summer!

  1. It really frustrates me to think about the fact that my baby brother (he’s ten years younger) is graduating with a masters degree next weekend, and meanwhile I am STILL about two semesters (half-time) away from a bachelors. But every time a class ends, it’s nice to have that feeling of accomplishment, of being one step closer…

    I was considering posting this exact same video – but then I got lazy or forgot or something.

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