Devil's Mini Overdue Review: Allegaeon – Formshifter

Let me first preemptively apologize for the lack of an in depth review of Allegaeon’s second full length album ‘Formshifter’. I didn’t find out about this band until I came across a NCS bit on the lyric video they released for the first track ‘Behold(God I am)’. This was a day before release and with no time among site business and real world business I just couldn’t get a proper review done in time.

Let me just say that this is a great album. Allegaeon hails from Denver Colorado and firmly fall into the category of satisfying me with a different take on death metal. Imagine the music of Nevermore if they had a growler at the helm and you have Allegaeon’s ‘Formshifter’. The guitar work is exceptional and the real stand out as there is neo classical guitar shredding spread liberally throughout this album. The fusion of this and death metal makes Formshifter stand head and shoulders above many of their contemporaries and I highly recommend you go out and get yourself some of this. Here is the a fore mentioned video and I have to say while this is a good track, the rest of the album gets much better and more in depth musically.

I believe the band is currently looking for a new drummer at this time but here are the current band members.

Vocals:Ezra Haynes
Guitars:Greg Burgess
Guitars:Ryan Glisan
Bass:Corey Archuleta

For more information and music check out their Facebook page.


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