Pulled From the Abyss: Katana, Freak Kitchen, Korpius, Desultor, Wizards of Kaos

First band of this week is probably one of the best that I have heard in a really long time. They are Swedish band Katana who are releasing their album “Storms of War” on June 19th in North America. If you’re in Europe it released on May 14th. If you are into old school Iron Maiden or Dio at all then you will fricking LOVE this album. I am so impressed by these guys that words fail me. Pre-order this puppy now!!!

Freak Kitchen are another European band but these guys fall on the more “quirky” side in that they play a Zappa-esque style of metal. Apparently these guys are well known in Europe but their material is just finally being released in North America, beginning with their album “Land of the Freaks”. Yeah, some of the songs have goofy titles, but trust me on this one OK?

Korpius from Quebec play some really solid melodic death metal. Their album “Shades of Black” has been out for about a year on Maple Metal records. Check it out.

Desultor’s “Masters of Hate” was recently released on Abyss records. They are a mix between thrash and traditional metal. Heavy but accessible at the same time.

Wizards of Kaos are an interesting band playing a combo of stoner rock and classic heavy metal. Their self-titled album releases on May 22nd


2 responses to “Pulled From the Abyss: Katana, Freak Kitchen, Korpius, Desultor, Wizards of Kaos

  1. Oh yeah – Freak Kitchen. Love their album Organic, but they are hard to get in the US. They are to be heard! Good call.

    • I like everyone I listed, but the BEST of the bunch for this week in my opinion is Katana. Don’t know if you can get your hands on a review copy, but if you can snag it do so!

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