Among The Living: Bonded By Blood

“Among The Living” Is going to be my bi-weekly (in the terms of every two weeks) column  on Thursdays. Basically it will be a thrash showcase of bands old, new and unknown. Obviously the column name comes from an Anthrax album/song that is one of my favorites. So, sit back, get caught in a mosh and relax.

First up is Exodus wannabes, Bonded By Blood. When I first discovered this band through Earache records back in 2009, I really liked their sound. I like Exodus, so naturally I really liked what I was hearing. Their first album was fast, powerful and scalpel sharp. I anxiously awaited their second full length in 2010, Exiled to Earth. Exiled didn’t do a damn thing for me. To this day I still can’t figure it out and I have zero ambition to go back to it to try to figure out where they went wrong for me. After the release of Exiled to Earth, founding frontman Jose Barrales left the band due to “personal and financial reasons” and they brought in “Mutants Of War”.  In 2011 they went through another band overhaul when bassist Jerry Garcia (who replaced original bassist Ruben Dominguez in 2009)  also left for “personal and financial reasons” and founding guitarist Alex Lee left the band to join Holy Grail. This left drummer Carlos Regalado and guitarist Juan Jaruez as the only original members.  They recruited Holy Grail’s bassist Jessie Sanchez to complete the line up and they are recording (or have already completed) their third full length album, The Aftermath.

I’m still holding out hope that Bonded By Blood can turn out another good album like their earache debut; however, I can’t say that I’m completely convinced after hearing their first single to promote The Aftermath, “Restless Minds”. I’ll have to wait and hear the rest of the album, which will be released in July of this year. You can hear the new song below as well as a few of their other older songs after the fold. You can download “Restless Minds” for free by visiting this link. Stay tuned in two weeks for another episode of ‘Among The Living’. That doesn’t mean I don’t have another surprise in store for next Thursday when I introduce another bi-weekly column that will land in between this one.


4 responses to “Among The Living: Bonded By Blood

  1. Release date for the new album is July 2 or 3 (EU / NA), so I assume the recording part is finished at this point…

    This is a good idea for a column. When doing a review or press release, this kind of biographical information (as well as your personal history with the band) usually gets included in an abridged version, but this way you can just talk openly about the band and their discography and everything without having to focus on one particular song or album or whatever. Seems like it would be kind of liberating, as well as being informative for the reader. For example, instead of saying, is this new record any good, should I buy it?, you are instead addressing, is this band any good, which album should I buy if I’m just discovering them?, which is often intimidating for newly discovering a band who has been around for awhile.

  2. Thanks for the info and compliments, Eric. I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by a lot of releases this year and I have a feeling that I might be with this one as well. Next edition I’m bringing a rather underground act to the surface.

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