When The Groupies No Longer Come…You Hire Them. Guns ‘N Roses Allegedly Hire Models For Glasgow Gig

Remember back in the day when you heard about groupies attending concerts and participating in backstage shenanigans? I’m pretty sure those days are far behind most bands these days. I’m sure there are still groupies that attend shows, but not nearly as it it was back in 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. Most of bands that were know for having a lot of groupies are old and/or married and the groupies are just as old and likely married as well. If their husbands only knew where those mouths have been.

Anyway, Guns ‘N Roses…or maybe just Axl is trying to relive those glory days and according to an article I read on Bravewords.com, sourced from the UK’s Dailyrecord, they’ve hired models to fill the front row of their Glasgow, Scotland gig. The All Talent – The Sonia Scott Agency has been hired to make the request a reality and also join the band backstage after the show for a party with the band.

I’m not sure how legitimate this story is, but if it’s true, I think that it is both humorous and pathetic. Seriously. However, it makes you wonder how many other aging bands with the cash do this kind of thing and it’s not reported. No matter how sad or funny I feel that it is, it’s their own prerogative I suppose, but I see it as a 50 year old man hiring hookers for after-show entertainment. Oddly enough, it doesn’t really surprise me; this is Axl Rose we’re talking about.


3 responses to “When The Groupies No Longer Come…You Hire Them. Guns ‘N Roses Allegedly Hire Models For Glasgow Gig

  1. Well, I guess it isn’t easy to keep coming up with stupid things to say and do, to keep your name in the news media, considering the fact that Mustaine has already used most of the good ones…

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