Devil Music A-Z: Psychostick

Overall I think we can agree that metal is serious business,right? Even though the majority of people that play that music are actually mellow people that let loose onstage and the attendees are usually the same except they’re busy crushing or being crushed in the pit. Well maybe not power metal fans. They’re too busy raising their fists and singing along to anthems. But regardless metal in it’s sometimes ridiculous premise takes itself too seriously. One band that tries to buck that trend is Arizona’s Psychostick. Labeling themselves as humorcore, it’s an apt description.

I first found out about them like most everybody had with the song Beer!

No one said it was high brow humor, ok? Anyway there has been 3 full lengths and a Holiday EP with topics ranging from food, laundromats, or taking potshots at the metal genre. Musically they’re pretty good for being a bunch of guys screwing around. Listening to a Psychostick album is like eavesdropping on college bros riffing on each other or just jamming in their garage. I’ll now leave you with a tune from the latest album ‘Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D’ entitled ‘Boobs’. Because lord knows this site needs some sexiness sometimes.

For more Psychostick silliness check out their Facebook page. Also if you tell me in the comments that these guys are lame and not funny….well that’s like your opinion man and you need to lighten up and stop hating life and stuff.


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