Nile’s ‘At the Gate of Sethu’ Will Be Epic if The Song Titles Are Any Indication

Reviewing this album is going to be a nightmare for whichever one of us decides to do it. Not because of listening to the music, because that’s the easy part. And not because doing reviews that are halfway decent are the challenge either. It’s because of the song titles. Look at this.

01. Enduring The Eternal Molestation Of Flame
02. The Fiends Who Come To Steal The Magick Of The Deceased
03. The Inevitable Degradation Of Flesh
04. When My Wrath Is Done
05. Slaves Of Xul
06. The Gods Who Light Up The Sky At The Gate Of Sethu
07. Natural Liberation Of Fear Through The Ritual Deception Of Death
08. Ethno-Musicological Cannibalisms
09. Tribunal Of The Dead
10. Supreme Humanism Of Megalomania
11. The Chaining Of The Iniquitous

I think it’s safe to say there won’t be a track by track style review because I don’t know of anyone that wants to type some of those titles out and using acronyms in this case would be lame. I know this isn’t unusual for people that have listened to Dimmu Borgir and their almost nonsensical long winded titles, or Project Hate’s overlong and at times silly song titles, I was just taken aback by the sheer amount of verbage. Regardless I’m digging Nile especially the last two offerings so I’m getting stoked about this one too. After the jump is a live performance of track 10 to whet your appetite, sort of.


One response to “Nile’s ‘At the Gate of Sethu’ Will Be Epic if The Song Titles Are Any Indication

  1. Long titles aren’t really that big of a deal to me — as a die-hard Floyd fan, I’ve had to deal with “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict.”

    I know there are longer ones out there, but this one has always stuck with me…

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