This Ain't Metal: Wino & Conny Ochs – Heavy Kingdom

As I stated in last week’s Thrash metal column, I would be alternating between that column and another. Well, this is the ‘another’. “This Ain’t Metal” is exactly what it states. I’ll be covering bands and projects that aren’t necessarily metal, but are just as deserving of your attention. Most metal fans have a very broad taste for music and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. As a lot of us say, “good music is good music”, but there are limitations to that statement. We’re are open minded individuals and that is something that we should all be proud of. So, without further adieu…This Ain’t Metal!

Photo Credit: Steffi Shatte

Most people that have been around the internets long enough and enjoy good music, know the name “Wino”. Scott Weinrich is best known for his work in legendary doom metal band Saint Vitus, but he has been in quite a few bands and projects. He’s one of those unknown legends in the rock and metal music business. Conny Ochs on the other hand is 18 years younger than Weinrich and is a native of Germany who has been in many different bands that you…have probably never heard of unless you’re from that side of the globe.

Weinrich and Ochs got together to create Heavy Kingdom, a mostly acoustic album that is nothing but a raw sounding, organically amazing album. The album, for the most part is nothing but acoustic guitars and vocals by Ochs and Wino. Sure there are other ambient sounds and background electric guitars that are very faint but add to the overall atmosphere. This is one of those albums that you likely would have not heard about unless you read it on the internet. Magazines and your Mtz (Adam Sandler ref.) are not going to cover something as simple and brilliant. If you’re a fan of Wino’s voice and his acoustic guitar playing, then you’ll probably love this. Conny’s soothing voice has, at times, a certain Cobainish feel. It’s smooth and convincing, without theatrics.

So, without trying to make this sound like a review, which ultimately it should have been, I just have to say that this is an album that should be given your utmost attention if you’re feeling like you need a break from the metal shenanigans, as I often do. Nest round, I’ll have another project involving Wino that deserves every bit of praise as this album. Until then enjoy these handful of songs from Heavy Kingdom. You can buy the album directly from Exile On Mainstream Records or from


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