Devil’s Review: Kreator – Phantom Antichrist

Here we have album lucky number 13 from Teutonic Thrash Titans, Kreator.  The band is no doubt legendary in the world of metal and have yet to release an album that I don’t enjoy.  Phantom Antichrist, on Nuclear Blast, is no exception.

Look, these guys are icons in the thrash genre.  They have done nothing here but solidify their standing by giving us an album worthy of the name Kreator, recognizing their past, but also showing the retro bands and even some of the older bands still around, how metal should be played.  Phantom Antichrist is a relentless blast of buzzsaw guitars, brutal vocals, massive drums and a bottom that powerfully supports the whole affair.  Mille Petrozza is in top form giving it his all with his distinct thrash-worthy vocals.

Phantom Antichrist starts off with a short instrumental, Mars Mantra, building slowly toward the completely thrashing title track.  This is blistering Kreator metal at its best, a truly killer track.  Death to the World follows keeping up the onslaught with “environmentally conscious” lyrics and a scorching, but all too short guitar solo.  Excellent riffing and songwriting on this track.  From Flood Into Fire pounds out next, slower paced, but no less heavy than the previous two songs.  Tribal drumming starts off Civilisation Collapse, before the band launch into a speedy number, reminding me in places of Slayer’s Homicidal Maniac.  More outstanding leads on this track.

Kreator offers us United In Hate, a quick burst of speed and aggression!  Once again, meaty solos and chunky, seriously thrashy riffing.  The Few, The Proud, The Broken is more of a mid-paced track, seeming to lyrically reference the US military deployments to Southwest Asia.  Your Heaven, My Hell is next, starting off as a kinder, gentler Kreator, but soon morphing into a slower paced, flat-out heavy metal song.  I am really digging the riffing and the chorus structure on this one.  Nice dual leads and a fantastic solo.  One of the more outstanding tracks on the album.  Victory Will Come is the second to last track, a mid-paced song with a somewhat weak chorus, but tasty riffs and solos once again.  Thrash is all about the guitars and Kreator have executed perfectly.  Until Our Paths Cross Again winds up Phantom Antichrist as a slower, almost doomy song.  Of course it picks up and thrashes us, and slows down again, providing a nice ending to the whole affair.

Check out the title track:

Kreator have done it again, producing a worthy addition to their catalog.  There is very little here, if anything, I would consider to be filler material.  All of the songs are well crafted and superbly executed.  If you are not a fan, I recommend checking this one out, and for the rest of us, it’s a no-brainer.  Get you some Kreator and thrash away!

I hear the sound in a METAL way.



2 responses to “Devil’s Review: Kreator – Phantom Antichrist

  1. Album as a whole is great, but none of the other tracks can contend with the title track, “Phantom Antichrist”. That song is just a beastly wall of thrash! Kreator, without a doubt are still one of the best bands in metal, and they continue to put out solid albums.

  2. I’ve never been a big Kreator fan. It seemed to be at some point and after so many years that their music seemed to all sound the same. But this album is a fantastic blend of speed, thrash and more hooks and riffs then I’ve ever heard on a Kreator album. For me personally this is a band finally progressing in a good way. Great stuff.

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