Burnt Offerings: Entrance to Infinity

Epic.  I think that is the best description of the song Entrance to Infinity by Pagan’s Mind from their 2005 album Enigmatic: Calling.  This song has it all, passionate and soaring vocals courtesy Nils K. Rue, tremendous melody, riffing, outstanding guitar soloing, meaty drumming, tension and release, crescendos, and all around epic-ness.

The song starts off mid-paced and melodic then transitions to a mellower instrumental section with piano and guitar leads out front.  Vocals come back with syncopated drumming – builds then releases.  At about the 5:40 mark of the song, when the piano takes the melody, this one gets really good, building once again to about 6:20, bringing back the chorus.  Pagan’s Mind then kick it into gear right through to the end of the song.  Epic.

If you are unfamiliar with Pagan’s Mind, give this one a listen and consider some of their other work.  Many fans insist that they are a progressive metal band, and I suppose they are somewhat, but they have always seemed like more of a Power Metal group to me.

I hear the sound in a METAL way.



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