Among The Living REVIEW: Havok – Point Of No Return

Havok are fairly new to the more mainstream  side of the neo-thrash movement. They are also one of the better bands that I think deserve a push. Their latest effort in the form of an EP follow up to last years Time Is Up full length contains two originals from the band and two cover songs. The cover songs are that of which you must certainly do your best to do the originals justice and that they do. But first, let’s do a little history/bio of the band. The four piece, hailing out of Colorado and formed in 2004 consists of David Sanchez lead vocals and Guitars,Jesse De Los Santos on bass and backing vocals, Pete Webber on drums and Reece Scruggs on lead guitar and backing vocals. The band is currently signed to Candlelight Records and has released two full length albums and currently they have an EP out called Point Of No Return that was released on May 22nd.

Their debut album, Burn, was a solid thrash album that put them on the map with thrash riffery and technical prowess that proved that they would be a force to be reckoned with in the current thrash scene, but their follow up Time Is Up solidified them as a band that was not a flash in the pan thrash outfit that was a one-off in a scene that has spawned countless, more unworthy bands trying to make it in the music business as a trend. Let’s face it, there are a lot of neo-thrash bands coming out of the woodwork that really don’t deserve the time of day. Havok have established themselves as a talent that pay tribute to the thrash bands of the past that made the scene what it is today.

Their latest Point Of No Return ep proves that they are worthy of being a part of the new movement and also pays tribute to two bands that helped mold thrash metals razor sharp edges. The title track of the ep is cutting edge thrash that can propel mosh pits into a whirlwind of the camaraderie of patched denim vest violence that we remember so well. “From The Cradle To The Grave” keeps the pit churning with its chugging riffs and gang vocals before paying tribute to Slayer and Sepultura in the closing tracks. Their cover of Sepultura’s “Arise” does the song and band justice with the speed and ferocity that the original had. As a long time Sepultura fan and one with the branding of the band in the for of the infamous tribal “S” tattoo, I’m proud to hear a band do such a good cover of the song.  Lastly, they cover Slayer’s :Postemortem/ Reigning Blood” very well. It’s a slightly different cover of the song due to the differentiated sound of  the band, yet they do the song well with their own sound. Postmortem transitioning into Reign In Blood is perfectly executed and Slayer, i’m sure, is proud of the job Havok did recording the classic.

Havok recently toured with Sepultura, Death Angel and Krisiun, proving that they are a worthy band in a see of unworthyness. The Point Of No Return ep can be ordered from Candlelight Records for a measly $5.00 and it is every bit worth it. Also check out Time Is Up. If you dig Point Of No Return, you will surely dig Time Is Up. Check out all four songs from the ep below.


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