Pulled From The Abyss

And once again, here is Cdee to give you all of the latest and greatest unknown and underground stuff. This week has all sort’s of goodies! COMMENT and let me know what you think of these bands. Tell me if there is someone you think I should cover.

Starting things off is Demon Lung from Las Vegas. This is some straight up awesome doom. Go and check out their debut EP Pareidolia now. I have not been able to stop listening to it since I got it a few days ago. 100% awesome.

Slaughter Messiah is a black metal band featuring Lord Sabathan who used to be in Enthroned. Good old school stuff.

I fucking hate deathcore. I mean I really HATE it. Then why the hell am I including Poland’s Dust N Brush on this week’s Pulled From the Abyss? Maybe cuz I like it! I really should hate this but instead I really like it. Doesn’t help I hate the actual video though.

AtomA are a bit of an oddity. Sort of metal, sort of not, they play a harder edged type of rock that is beautifully atmospheric. Is it metal? Sort of. Check it out, their debut album Skylight is out on Napalm Records.

Costa Rica’s Advent of Beldam are a melodic death metal who are apparently well known in that country. Good stuff that vocally crosses between black metal and death metal territory. Whatever it is, it’s fucking awesome.

And last but not least for this week it’s…Atretic Intestine. Goofy song titles aside (Foreskin Mask is the name of the below video), this is some nice death metal.


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