Pick Your Genre

How does one determine the genre of metal one is listening to?  As a reviewer, it is sometimes difficult to discern, so I found this handy guide.  Feel free to use it.





3 responses to “Pick Your Genre

  1. That’s awesome! What about Metalcore and Deathcore? Would they fall under the Nu-Metal tag? Those two genres are usually so fricking bad…

  2. It could definitely be expanded. Lots of genres missing. I think there should be a “core” genre right after the “is the song good” question. Nu is closest!

    • Yeah, a lot of these are kind of over-simplified… death metal if the vocals don’t sound evil, doom metal if you can’t understand the lyrics and they aren’t about Satan? I can think of plenty of counter-examples there!

      But in general, the chart is good for a few chuckles 🙂

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