Devil’s Review: Ulver-Childhood’s End

Ulver are an interesting and poliarzing band. The amount of awe, infatuation and hatred that they can inspire in their fanbase from album to album is amazing.At times it almost seems like the band is intentionally trying to piss off their fanbase with drastic changes from album to album. Last year’s “War of the Roses” was no different. Opinion seemed to be divided at 50/50 as to whether the album was garbage or genius, with both defenders and detractors staunchly defending their opinion.

“Childhood’s End” while a covers album, again has the band take a stylistic shift as all the covers are from 60s psychedelic bands. On paper the band’s choice to cover psychedlic bands may seem a bit strange, but sound wise it makes perfect sense. From the opening strains of “Love, love, love” on
lead song “Bracelets of Finger’s” (originally by The Pretty Thing’s) the band show that Ulver are just as capable of convincingly playing Psychedlia as they are at playing electronica or black metal. The whole album is made even more interesting by the fact that the choices of covers are from obscure bands from the era.

I must confess I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed this album as usually a cover’s album is pretty hit and miss. But, “Childhood’s End” factually has no real weak moments to it and stands up to pretty much anything else in the band’s catalog quality wise. Other band’s planning a cover’s album should take note and listen to “Childhood’s End” to hear the right way of doing this kind of thing.

Check out Magic Hollow from the album:


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