Robert Lowe Departs From Candlemass

I’m kind of glad that I inadvertently procrastinated on getting a Candlemass interview together which should have been submitted two or three weeks ago. If I had put it together one of the questions would have been on if vocalist Robert Lowe planned on returning to Solitude Aeternus once the tour cycle for Candlemass’s last studio album Psalms for the Dead was complete. Turns out that may have been an awkward question at the time because it was announced over the weekend that Robert is no longer with the band. Here is the press quote:

We are sorry to inform you that Robert Lowe is no longer the singer for CANDLEMASS. It has been a very difficult decision for the band and has mainly to do with the quality of the live performances.

For the upcoming shows, Robert will be replaced with Mats Levén [YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, THERION, TREAT, ADAGIO, AT VANCE, KRUX], longtime friend of the band. We are convinced this will work out just great.

The band is currently rehearsing new and old songs with Mats and we know that nobody attending the gigs at Debaser Slussen, Metaltown, Borås or Southern Discomfort will be disappointed.

Bring you earplugs….it will be hard, massive and loud!

Keyboard player Per Wiberg [OPETH, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS] is also joining CANDLEMASS onstage for the live shows.

So I guess I need to get my ass in gear and get those questions done now. I’m not even sure I know what that means in regards to quality of live performances. Is Robert a falling down drunk and can’t sing for shit live anymore? Did he refuse to wear Messiah Marcolin’s robes? Regardless, I think this is a pretty shitty development on one hand. Candlemass has always had troubles retaining vocalists and they had one that was with them for three consecutive albums and to part ways before a farewell of sorts is lame. Also someone that was a big fan prior to joining. I recall Mats vocals on a couple of Therion albums and he’s ok but I disagree that he is the best choice for Candlemass in a live setting. People already still have a problem with Messiah not being the singer anyway and this won’t help. On the other hand this should give Robert all of the time he needs to bring Solitude Aeternus out of hiatus because frankly, SA is the superior band. One can hope.


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