Burnt Offerings REVIEW: Lanfear – This Harmonic Consonance

Lanfear is a German Progressive/Power Metal band that has recently come to my attention.  Their latest album, This Harmonic Consonance on Pure Legend Records, is their 6th album overall and the first in 4 years.  I think I heard the name before, but had never actually heard any of their music until now.  I guess I have really been missing out.

Lanfear’s website states that they are “100% underrated metal”.  I don’t know if that is true or not, but they have been around for a while and I haven’t heard a single song by them until now – perhaps they are underrated.  Of note, they are playing ProgPowerUSA XIII this year, which tends to be a good source of new bands for me, whether I attend or not (I may have to go this year now having heard Lanfear).  This Harmonic Consonance is a nice mix of Progressive and Power Metal, trending more toward the Power side of things.  Their progressiveness tends to be more in the song construction, as opposed to the “noodling” type of Prog Metal (I’m looking at you, Petrucci).  They are much more straight-forward and write some catchy melodies and well-constructed songs.  The album consists of 10 tracks with crystal clear production, allowing all elements of the band to be heard.  They also have intriguing song titles and lyrics that are thought provoking, sometimes obvious in their message and at other times, open to the listener’s interpretation.

After a short acoustic intro, Lanfear kick off the album with Colours of Chaos, a sometimes blistering, sometimes subdued composition, showing a range of musicianship and songwriting that is indicative of the remainder of the work we find on This Harmonic Consonance.  Nuno Miguel de Barros Fernandes’ vocals on this track, as well as throughout the album, are powerful and melodic, especially when he stays in his lower, natural register.  His falsetto is sometime weak, but really not too bad – I’ve heard worse.  By-Product Nation follows with commentary on our (the West’s) lifestyle and how material goods define us.  Oh yeah, killer music too!  Some very well done guitar work on this song.  The Reverend is next, an apparent telling of the Catholic priest “problem” from the priest’s POV.  It’s a slower paced song, memorable chorus, but it does go on a little too long for my attention span.

Next I get a real sense of Fates Warning (particularly the Pleasant Shades of Grey timeframe) influence in Idiopathic Discreation, particularly during the first minute or so.  Another catchy chorus, definitely a sing-along.  Album favorite Camera Silens is next, one of the heavier tracks on This Harmonic Consonance, fast riffing, double bass, somewhat harsh vocals, galloping guitars, a Spanish-type interlude, and, believe it or not, a really catchy chorus and outstanding songwriting.  I, Robo Sapiens follows, my second favorite track (surprisingly because my favorites tend to be within the first 3 or 4 songs of an album).  Nice vocal harmonies going on here, along with some quick guitar work, killer soloing and a solid rhythm section performance.

The last triad of songs on the album start with Spectrophobia, reminding me of Tyr, particularly in the guitar chords at the beginning.  It’s a slower song, not a bad song at all, just not one of the more standout tracks for me.  Word Not Spoken is maybe what may be considered the ballad of the album, far too long for me at 6 minutes and one I tend to skip.  The album concludes with Disharmonic Consonance, a song in which I hear a lot of Seventh Wonder, but not a rip-off.  I think this is one of the more progressive songs on the album.  Once again, a melodic, catchy chorus, and just a great song overall.

Here is the promo trailer for the album:

This Harmonic Consonance is simply and outstanding Prog/Power Metal album.  Lanfear have many positive things going here and have assembled a really nice work.  They have certainly proven to me that they are underrated and deserve to be held in much higher esteem in the metal community.

This Harmonic Consonance is a must buy.

I hear the sound in a METAL way.



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