Slaughter By the Water 3 To Feature Abysmal Dawn on an Aircraft Carrier

So you can’t make it to the Barge to Hell? That’s ok, you can come out here to my hood in the Bay Area and check out a death metal festival called Slaughter by the Water. This is the third year of this festival and this time it’s being held on a 100 percent real bona fide aircraft carrier. How fucking cool is that? Not to mention that so far the headliner is Abysmal Dawn which is one of my favorite modern death metal bands. But back to the venue itself. It’s going to be on the U.S.S. Hornet which boasts this resume:

The USS Hornet, 893 feet long and 33,000 tons of metal, is nicknamed “The Grey Ghost in Alameda” and is said to be one of the most haunted warships in the American Navy, with numerous reports of supernatural events occurring onboard. She is also a “Rosie the Riveter” ship with thirty percent of her construction crew being women and she holds a couple Navy records: most planes shot down in a day (72) and most planes shot down in a month (255).

I think that’s a pretty cool deal. Of course the Hornet is no stranger to metal music as it was the site for Exodus’ video for ‘War is my Shepherd’.

The show is to take place on August 25th in Alameda and so far only two bands have been announced with the afore mentioned Abysmal Dawn and also Fog of War which is so local to me they’re in the same county. As I get more information,namely more bands on the roster, I’ll pass it a long but even if all of my plans for other shows fall through this year I need to make this one for sure. It’s not often people get to tour a aircraft carrier as it is but to have a few thousand metalheads on it for a festival? Score.


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