Past Demons: Grip Inc. – Nemesis

In 1997 I came across an album in the music department of a Marine Corps PX that caught my eye. It wasn’t only the cover that caught my eye, but the promo sticker that was on it that said that it included former Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo. As a Slayer fan, I was curious as to what Dave was doing post-Seasons’. I had no idea what this album or band would sound like. I also didn’t know that this was the second album by the band. Formed in 1993 after Lombardo’s split with Slayer. They first released The Power Of Inner Strength in 1995 on SPV and distributed by Metal Blade, which I wouldn’t hear until a few years after buying Nemesis.

Grip Inc.‘s Lineup consisted of Dave Lombardo, obviously on drums, Voodoocult guitarist Waldemar Sorychta on guitars, Jason Veibrooks on bass, and Gus Chambers, a punk singer from a Coventry, England band called Squad 21. Nemesis is a very powerful album packed full of killer groove metal songs. Starting off the album is “Pathetic¬†Liar”, which you can hear below. I highly suggest you turn up your speakers before pushing play. The beginning intro riff goes on for ten seconds before the main riff caves your skull in. It will having you pounding your fist and banging your head in approval. The remaining 10 tracks bring equally powerful vocals, ryhtym riffs and great solos by Sorychta, as well as the amazing drumming of one Dave Lombardo.

Grip Inc. would release two more albums that took more steps toward a progressiveness that I honestly haven’t heard, but one day I will take the time to discover. Tragically in 2008, when I was still only a N00b in the world of blogging, Gus Chambers passed away at the age of 50. I had the unfortunate task and duty of reporting his death on the now defunct Family members commented on my blog then and I even helped them reconnect with each other. Gus’s passing was first ruled as a suicide, but it turned out it was an accidental death from a mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol. Regardless, the metal community and a family lost a great man. Grip Inc., sadly, will likely never be again.

Here are a few other songs from Grip Inc., only one (Rusty Nail) being from Nemesis.


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