Grover XIII Hath Spawned A New Site. Check Out Oculus Infernus

Anybody remember The Number of the Blog? Well it’s still gone and you can go ahead and forget it now. Grover XIII has unleashed a new website called Oculus Infernus and it sounds intriguing. Hope there are no bands that have already taken that name otherwise it could get confusing:P Here is the opening intro for the new website:

Greetings and salutations, friends. I bid you welcome to Oculus Infernus. I, Professor D. Grover the XIIIth, have the honor of being your host. You may well remember me from The Number Of The Blog, a website chronicling the shenanigans of myself and a number of other miscreants as we explored the world of the Devil’s music. You may also recall that The Number Of The Blog shuttered its doors nigh on six months ago after an insurmountable technical problem. You may even recall that prior even to that ignominious farewell, we had been referring to a mythical “Next Stage”.

Oculus Infernus is not that Next Stage.

Nay, my friends, that Next Stage is still under construction. Oculus Infernus, then, is something completely different. It is an outlet for me to espouse my thoughts on all things relating to the Devil’s music, while injecting a bit of a different flavor into the online realm. Along the way, you may see some familiar faces and encounter some old friends. It is imperative that I remind you, though, that this is not The Number Of The Blog, version 2. Oculus Infernus is a separate entity, existing (hopefully) entirely on its own merits. It will not follow the frantic posting schedule of TNOTB, instead focusing on quality in one or two posts per day. However, it is my hope that this site will foster a sense of community akin to its predecessor.

Communication shall be key, of course. You can contact me at with any sort of item of interest, or if you are interested in contributing yourself. Press inquiries and submissions can be directed to I relish the thought of hearing from you, especially in this establishment’s infancy, so please provide any feedback that you find relevant.

Now, join me as I gaze into the Eye of Hell.

So if you’re an old friend or brand new to all of this head over to Oculus Infernus and see what Grover has cooked up.


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