Wildestarr Signs A Record Deal And Issues Update On ' A Telltale Heart'

I was starting to get nervous about our friends in Wildestarr having not heard anything about the upcoming album ‘A Telltale Heart’ since they released a track in December. It looks like the silence was for a good reason as they announced via their Facebook that they just signed a record deal and that the new album is on it’s way. Here is the press quote.

WildeStarr Inks deal with Hydrant/EMI Japan, New album “A Tell Tale Heart” to be released August 8 2012! We wanted to wait for the official Hydrant press release, but there has been a leak, and some blogs are reporting we signed to Nuclear Blast, which is not accurate. We are very excited to share the new record with everyone, and hope you all enjoy the NEW cover design!

So that’s very cool and congratulations to Dave Starr and London Wilde on this obviously big and exciting news. I know we can’t wait to hear ‘ A Telltale Heart’ ourselves.

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