Devil's Review: Burning Point – The Ignitor

Burning Point – I am going to guess that not many of you have heard of them.  Finnish, Power Metal, underground – yeah, probably not.  That’s not to say they shouldn’t be better known, as they have put out mostly quality material over the last 11 years, though some of the previous album reviews I have read are usually between fair and good.  Certainly with those qualifications, they should be a group that I enjoy.  With their Scarlet Records release, album number 5, The Ignitor, they continue their fire-based album naming convention, and also their melodic Power Metal offerings.

Burning Point lay the foundation for a potentially great album with opener Eternal Flame, a speedy and powerful, double bass fueled, guitar driven headbanger.  Nicely written riffs and vocal harmonies propel the song right into the dual leads and soloing.  In the Fires of My Self-Made Hell continues the uptempo Power Metal assault, with all the hallmarks you would expect of an almost anthemic tune.  All around great musicianship, particularly from guitarist Pekka Kolivuori.  They slow things down, but no less heavy on In the Night.  Sure it is a clichéd kind of song title, but remind me a bit of Tad Morose for some reason, but nothing I can put my finger on specifically.  The title track has a definite 80s Hard Rock/Heavy Metal feel to it, especially in the song construction, the vocals in the bridge, and particularly in the guitar riffs during the chorus.  This song is actually somewhat of a letdown after the first three tremendous tracks, as I was expecting something more or different from the track for which the album is named.

Silent Scream, another title that could do with changing (in fact 100 entries for that song name including by Slayer, Royal Hunt, and Lääz Rockit , among others), is basically the only ballad on the album, giving me a Krokus or even Whitesnake vibe, but definitely a retro kind of song.  I don’t really get a whole lot from this one.  Fortunately, the band blasts back with a true metal attack on Heaven is Hell, fast, great riffing and even keyboard work.  They incorporate a cool half-tempo section and then pick it  right back up for the tandem leads and then a blistering solo.  They keep things on the somewhat heavier side, but slower with syncopated riffing accompanied by appropriate drumming and melodic vocals on Losing Sleep.  Pretty standard Power Metal formula going so far on the album and they really don’t do anything here that would be unexpected or even out of the ordinary.  Demon Inside of You is a mid-paced rocker that feels like a filler track to me.  It seems to be lacking something.  I do like the instrumental transition between the verse and the chorus, but it doesn’t hold much more to compel me to really like the song.

Burning Point pick it up again with Everdream, a song with more feel to it than the last for sure, although still what I would consider a suitable track, but not really one that stands out.  Lost Tribe is another flashback to the 80s, with the bass carrying the verses with occasional power chords and keyboard fills.  The chorus could be straight out of any number of songs from that period, so I don’t know if this is worship/tribute or just being stuck in that era.  Album closer Holier Than Thou pushes us back into the high-speed, double bass, staccato riffing of fast paced Power Metal.  Excellent dual guitar leads, a nice bridge and certainly a killer chorus contribute to making this song a great one.  I believe it is the first keyboard solo and then some sweet dual guitar/keyboard leads and great guitar solo.  This one is definitely an outstanding way to close out an album.

Here is the trailer from the album.

Burning Point are one of those bands that like to dabble in the grey area somewhere between pure Power Metal and more Traditional Metal/Hard Rock.  Frankly, I prefer it when they stay in the former style rather than the latter, as they seem to excel in the Power Metal genre.  I enjoyed most of The Ignitor, but some of it I could do without.  Ultimately I would not say it was a great album, but a good one with a handful of great songs well worth hearing.  Standout tracks are Eternal Flame, In the Fires of My Self-Made Hell, Heaven is Hell, and Holier Than Thou.

I hear the sound in a METAL way.



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