Pulled From The Abyss

The first band that I want to go over is absolutely stunning: Heldin. From what I can find about these guys (and girl) is that they are from NYC and just released their album Profungalactic on June 5th on itunes. It’s an EP and is 6 songs long. Don’t be cheap, buy it as this is some of the best sludge I have heard in a long, long time. Check the album out on the band’s soundcloud page here.

Next up is Unwritten Pages, a progressive-ish band I found whose album “Fringe Kitchen” was recently released on Bandcamp. Check them out and buy the album. Very cool stuff.

France’s Hyperdump recently released their album “Rational Pain”. The album has been getting mixed reviews as it is a bit of a mish-mash of styles at times, with their bio describing them aptly as a mix between Faith No More and Strapping Young Lad. Not for everyone, but personally I really liked the album. Check it out yourself:

Norway’s Teodor Tuff seem to be a fairly straight-ahead metal band from the limited amount that I’ve heard from them. I really enjoyed their video for Tower of Power and look forward to hearing the rest of the album shortly.

I stumbled onto Iron Tides by complete accident and found their Facebook page which contains a demo of their song Bonfire Rites. By the looks of their page they’ve played with bands like Goes Cube and Wizard Rifle who are both really cool bands. This is some really cool sludge and I hope to hear more from the band. Sadly they have no recorded material other than this, but hopefully they produce something soon.
Check the song Bonfire Rites out here.


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