Approved by the Devil: Deathevocation

I got an e-mail from one Abinav to check out his project Deathevocation which is based out of all places,Kathmandu Nepal. Now I get quite a bit of requests to check out bands from all kinds of different genres and I do try and get a good sense about a band to decide whether or not to do a feature. What grabbed me about Deathevocation wasn’t just the quality of brutal tech death from a region of the world not known out here to have much of a scene but the fact that this band has so much potential that it would be a shame for it to not get off the ground just as they are starting. You see this was actually a co op from different parts of the world initially when these tracks were created. Joan Tredman handled the excellent vocals with Abinav laying down bass tracks and the drums done by Greg Tredman. Sadly the Tredmans are no longer involved in this leaving it to just be Abinav out there in Nepal to try and keep this project going. Here is one demo track entitled Dead,Dismembered,and Buried so you can get a sense of what is already been created.
*Update* Abinav clarified who did what as far as the music is concerned. Abinav actually laid down the guitar tracks, while Sameer from Kathmandu,Nepal too laid down the bass. So there ya go.

If you like what you hear you can also check out more tracks on this Reverbnation page and get more information on the band and hey, if you’re a musician that plays this style of metal and want to collaborate with Abinav get in contact with him and get this going to the next level.


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