Among The Living: Game Over – For Humanity


Sometimes you stumble upon a new band that really impresses you. The thrash scene was something that was known the world over. Back in the day it just wasn’t happening on the San-Fran coast; it was going on all over the world. Sure, America had their legions of thrashing maniacs, mainly out on the west coast, but Europe had the Teutonic Thrash movement with Destruction, Kreator and Sodom, among a few other lesser knowns. The fact of the mater is that there were many bands from all over the world that were thrashin’ about. Enter the new era of thrash and the same thing is happening. To think that the American neo-thrash is the only current thrash re-movement going on would be a naive thought at best. There are plenty of bands outside of U.S. borders, to include south of our borders that are making an impact on a genre that was once though to be dying. Thrash is not a dead or dying genre by any stretch. In fact, the neo-thrash movement is stronger now than perhaps it was during the mid 80’s.

One band from across the pond that needs to be heard that is carrying the torch for the current movement is Game Over. This thrash Italian quintet from Ferrara, Italy released their debut full length this past January via My Graveyard Productions, entitled For Humanity. Before that, they released an ep called Heavy Damage. I haven’t heard the ep, but if it’s anything like the full length, they certainly deserve every bit of praise that they get.

My standards for being a successful neo-thrash outfit are very high. I don’t simply expect a  band that sounds like a band from the 80’s movement, but a band that makes their own sound but still has that old-school feel that is needed in order to be a thrash band of yester-now. Game Over, with their sound and old-school style fonted logo do just that. If you enjoyed Havok, then you’ll surely enjoy Game Over’s For Humanity. Check out the playlist below to listen to the full album.

Here is the bands official bio from their Facebook page

GAME OVER was born in the spring of 2008 thanks to the will of three musicians to put up a Thrash Metal band without compromises inspired by the great 1980s Thrash Metal bands. So Renato “Reno” Chiccoli, Luca “Ziro” Zironi and Alessandro “Sanso” Sansone with Marcello “Med” Medas on drums started their activity playing covers of their main influences.

During the last months of 2008 the band began the live activity and started writing the first original material inspired by Splatter Movies. The following year their first four-tracks Demo CD was released and few months later they released also an EP called “Heavy Damage” with six tracks of strong American-styled Thrash Metal that gathers positive acclaims by fans and critics.

The live activity continues for the whole 2009 and 2010. During the 2011 the band signs for the label “MY GRAVEYARD PRODUCTIONS” and in the summer of the same year Game Over entered the studio to record their first debut Album with the supervision of Simone Mularoni.

In January their first Full Length called “FOR HUMANITY” has been released and Anthony “Vender” Dantone enters the band as new drummer replacing “Med”. Now the band is ready to conquer the stages of the whole Galaxy! Don t forget it!


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