Devil's Concert Review: SCORPIONS

On Saturday June 9th 2012, I attended the Scorpions concert at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View California.  Looking back at when I first the Scorpions in concert back in 1984 when the line up was Girlschool, Scorpions and Iron Maiden, I have seen the Scorpions 6 times now.  Seeing this is their “final” tour I wanted to catch them one last time before they stopped touring. Plus my wife had never seen them perform live before so this being her first time seeing the Scorpions may also be her last time as well.

They opened up with Sting in the Tail  followed by Make it Real and Is There Anybody There?  Then came one of my all time favorite songs, The Zoo. These guys had just as much energy as they did when I saw them in 1984. It was great seeing guitarist Rudolph Schenker sprint out onto stage with his Flying-V guitar along side guitarist Matthias Jabs while being fronted by the one and only vocalist Klaus Meine. There have been two personnel changes since I have seen them last.  Drummer Herman Rarebell has been replaced by James Kottak who has previously drummed with Montrose, Kingdome Come, McCauley Schenker Group, Warrant and Dio.  Bassist Francis Buchholz has been replaced by Polish bassist Paweł Mąciwoda.

The Scorpions continued to hammer out their songs including Loving You Sunday Morning, Holiday, Tease Me Please Me, Blackout and Big City Nights.  They ended the night with the encore of  Still Loving You, No One Like You and Rock You Like  A Hurricane. The crowd was just as explosive as the band was and everyone was on their feet for the entire set.  During the song Blackout, they showed video footage from their tours from the 1980’s. This was especially great for me as it brought back so many memories of 80’s metal. And for those who know me that was a very special period in my life when it came to music.

There is a possibility that the Scorpions may not be finished. On June 14th, 2012, Rolling Stone reported the following:

Scorpions Not Breaking Up After All

 Despite being on a farewell tour, the Scorpions will not break up, reports Though the band announced that their massive tour behind their 2010 album Sting in the Tail would be their last, the German rockers have reconsidered their future.

“We called it the farewell tour thinking – believing – it would be the last time we would play the U.S.A., that wherever we played, that would be the last time,” said guitarist Matthias Jabs. “But the tour is still going, due to demand from the audience and promoters.”

Jabs revealed the Scorpions will give up “the constant touring, into the studio, out of the studio, back on the road,” but confirmed, “The Scorpions will not break up . . . We have so much film material. We will work on something like an anthology, some kind of box set. And nobody has said we’ll never hit the stage again, for one show somewhere in the world. Why not?”

Jabs also admitted that the band was approached to perform at the opening ceremonies for the 2014 World Cup, but said it was not confirmed. The Scorpions, who will close out their current world tour in December, follow artists including Cher and Kiss in recanting their retirement after farewell tours.

So we shall see. For those of you out there who have never seen the Scorpions perform live, I highly suggest you buy your tickets and go see them. If you missed them on the FINAL STING TOUR, who knows, they may be back. In the mean time, keep rockin my metal brothers and sisters…

Here is a video when they played in Reno a night before I saw them. I bring you THE ZOO.

Me, my buddy JJ and our wives at the Scorpions concert, June 9th, 2012, Mountain View, California.


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